Saturday, 12 April 2014

Papanga - The Hair Tie Revolution!

Papanga is a German company consisting of Vilma, Thomas and Robert who are creating these adorable and colourful hair ties. I discovered Papanga a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love with their designs, not only are they super cute and perfect for spring but they prevent hair breakage and damage. I have extremely thick hair and normal hair ties tend to really damage it when pulling them out. I have literally no idea how much hair I ripped myself out while removing a hair band. However, this doesn't happen with these anymore! They retail for 2,40€ each and they ship internationally.

No pulling, ripping or knotting! Papanga hair ties have an extremely smooth surface, it doesn't rip my hair out, even if it's wet! After wearing them for a few hours I don't get these annoying wave lines anymore when pulling them out.
No more headaches! Let's be honest, people with thick hair can't wear a standard hairband for longer than a few hours (maybe 2) without getting the worst headaches ever, especially if you tie them up too high. I've been wearing these hair ties non-stop since I got them and I don't get headaches anymore, they really keep my ponytails in shape without pulling on my scalp.
Perfect for fitness and sports! Like I said before, Papanga hair ties keep my hair in shape during my workout without soaking up sweat *gross*. At the same time they keep my hair up and tight during all my workout, even when I’m running!

Thanks to my bestie Sophia for being my beautiful hair model. I'm so impressed with this brand, you're basically wearing a coloured telephone cable in your hair but it's 100% worth it and such a brilliant idea! Check out their website

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