Friday, 18 April 2014

Quick Tip: The Best Eye Cream Ever

I've never really been interested in purchasing an eye cream because I felt like I'm way too young to think about getting wrinkles to be honest. For the past few weeks though I've been getting unusual dry skin patches under my eyes and nothing seemed to help. The skin around my eyes was extremely sore and red it was impossible to wear concealer. That's why I was looking for a good and affordable eye treatment. Of course I stumbled across many high end examples such as Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment, which I was temped to try before but I just don't see the need in spending 25€ on an eye treatment at the age of 19 that I don't really need, I have other skin issues to worry about haha. However I had to get rid of these pesky dry skin patches so I went to my local drugstore and decided to give the Alverde - Augentrost Eye Cream a try, and thank God I did! 

The combination of extracts of eyebright, Chamomile and Aloe Vera gives intensive care. Valuable plant oils and moisturizers provide the skin with lasting moisture, so dry lines and feelings of tension are reduced. Absorbs quickly and relaxes the skin around the eyes. Suitable for contact lens wearers.
I can absolutely agree with everything they say. It's an extremely lightweight consistency, sinks into the skin really quickly and it's suitable for all skin types. I'm using it every single morning and evening after I cleansed my face, it immediately brightens the eye area and finally got rid of these annoying dry patches! I'm a contact lens wearer and this treatment doesn't irritate my eyes at all. Alverde is a natural skin care/cosmetics brand and their eye treatment retails for 3,75€. If you're interested in getting an affordable and extremely effective eye cream I can definitely recommend this one. Also available at

*Alverde is a cruelty-free brand :)


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