Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Favourites 2014!

I was very lazy when it comes to makeup this month mainly because I don't like wearing foundation when it's really hot outside. It would melt down my face in a matter of seconds anyway. Although I wasn't wearing foundation I always contour my face because it gives a lot more shape and definition. I've rediscovered my well loved Nars Laguna. Laguna is the perfect shade for my skin tone, doesn't get orange and it's all matte which I always prefer over a shimmery bronzing powder. Another favourite of mine are the NYX lip liners. They're so creamy and make your lipsticks stay on for hours and hours. I own the shades Pink Nude and Hot Pink. Highly recommend these.

Skincare wise, I've discovered an amazing cleanser this month. The Alverde Healing Clay Cleanser is probably the best cleanser for oily skin that I've ever tried. It doesn't irritate or dry out my complexion nor does it cause any breakouts. It's actually quite calming and gets rid of any oils, traces of makeup or dirt. Another great thing about this cleanser, it's cruelty free, vegan and an absolute bargain. Definitely check out this one if you're in need of a new awesome cleanser. (review)

My favourite nail polish this month is suprise, surpise by Essie. Too Taboo is a shade from their current neons 2014 collection and I've been wearing this nail polish non stop since I got it. I really enjoy wearing neon shades on my nails for summer, it makes my hands look really tanned and healthy. Definitely wear a white nail polish underneath your neon shades, this really makes the colour pop! I want to try some more shades from this collection as they're all so pretty and unique. Well done Essie, I'm spending way too much money on you!

My favourite TV show this month has definitely been Pretty Little Liars. I'm obsessed with this series and I couldn't wait for the 5th season to begin. I'm so in love with all the characters, especially Emily and Hanna are my favorites out of the four girls. From the first episode I was hooked, it sometimes actually hurts waiting for the next episode every week. It is so addicting and never gets broing. There's always something happening and when it does, you're like "what the hell I didn't expect that to happen" all the time!

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