Thursday, 3 July 2014

My Self-Tanning Routine

Today I wanted to share my self-tanning routine with you guys. Although I have always loved having a tan, I didn't start using self tanner until about 4 months ago. I've always been way too scared to try it on my body because it might turn orange or look extremely fake. To be honest, when I first applied a self-tanning lotion I miserably failed and got orange patches everywhere haha. I've learned from my mistakes though and I'd like to share my tips and tricks on how to properly apply self-tanning lotions and how to prepare your skin for the whole process.
First off, my favourite tanning lotion is by the brand Alverde. What I love about this lotion is that it's vegan, silicone-free and ridiculously cheap compared to other brands. The only downside is the disgusting smell but oh well, all self tanners smell weird.The most important part isn't applying the tanning lotion itself but preparing your skin first. When I'm talking about preparation I mean exfoliation! It is really important to remove all the dead skin cells before applying your lotion. It unclogs pores, cleans the skin, makes it extremely soft and will ensure an even and longer-lasting tan. I quite enjoy using my Soap&Glory Flake Away scrub but any kind of scrub will do. I sometimes like to use an exfoliating cloth along with the actual scrub to achieve an even better result. 

Always apply your tan on shaved, clean skin! I can highly recommend using a tanning mitt to apply your tan, it seriously makes life so much easier. It really changes the way your lotion works into your skin, definitely a must have. After I'm done applying the lotion all over my body I basically wait for the tan to develop which usually takes 4-5 hours, I sometimes actually sleep in it for deeper results.

If you tan during the day I would recommend wearing black, loose and flowy clothes just so the tan doesn't get rubbed off. I really hope this post was helpful and I'll talk to you very soon.

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