Monday, 11 August 2014

Review: L'Occitane Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid

Let me introduce you to the best daily moisturizer for oily/combination skin I've ever tried. I've always suffered from very oily skin and I tried multiple products that were meant to reduce oils and prevent breakouts. Nothing ever seemed to work until I came across this little wonder worker in a glass bottle. I've been using this product for several months now and I feel that it's now time to share my honest thoughts with you guys.

The Angelica Ultra Matte Fluid combines Angelica extracts with lemon essential oil to maximize skin hydration and vitality. The fluid moisturizer is ideal for oily to combination skin including Lemon essential oil, known for its astringent action, that helps to purify skin, Zinc helps eliminate sebum, Angelica extracts that help to rehydrate skin and to protect from impurities.  Skin quickly takes on a matte appearance that lasts, for a complexion that is perfectly clear, pure and radiant.

Combination/oily skin has been a huge burden since I hit my teenage years and since then I'm constantly fighting a battle with my skin. I've never tried any products from L'Occitane before but when I read all the great reviews on their website about this moisturizer I was in cheerful spirits that this might actually work as it sounded absolutely ideal for me. The ingredients help to purify the skin, eliminate excess oils, and also rehydrate the skin to protect from free radicals.

I usually apply two pumps of product all over my face in the morning after I cleansed my face. It smells really fresh and feels very light on the skin. It sinks completely into the skin in a matter of seconds and you’re left with matte, purified skin. I only apply this fluid in the areas where I tend to get the most oily because it would dry out the areas that are already a little drier due to my combination skin. The matte effect lasts for at least 5 hours which is awesome.


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