Sunday, 7 September 2014

Lush Splurdge

Cutting a long boring story short here: I wasn't feeling very well the past month, mainly because of my shit job that I have to continue doing until the end of October. It kinda feels like having every drop of energy and happiness sucked from me and yep I feel really sorry for myself :D However I decided it was time to treat myself and there's basically nothing better than doing it with Lush. I love taking baths especially now that it's getting colder around here I find it so calming and relaxing. It helps me so much to clear my mind and focus on the things that make me happy. Do you feel the same way?

 I mentioned this shampoo in my last post when I spoke about my ombre hair care routine. It is a lovely volumizing shampoo that contains sea salt and I love using this for a big night out because you can't have a bad hair day when using Big! It's also very good if you have problems with your hair getting oily really fast.

My all time favourite shampoo for damaged hair! Rehab is a great shampoo to get your hair and scalp squeaky clean. It helps to strengthen the hair and reduce breakage. Definitely recommended for anyone who has problems with hair breakage especially if you've bleached hair.

I picked up "Brightside" which is one of my favourite bubble bars. It contains bright and sunny citrus notes that makes it smell so fresh and relaxing. I then picked up two bath bombs, "Sakura" and "Blackberry". Sakura smells incredibly floral and if you like flowery, powdery scents just as much as I do then you may well love this. Blackberry smells amazing too! It’s not an overwhelming scent just perfect for a nice soothing bath.


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