Thursday, 20 November 2014

Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning Primer

After reading Estées latest blog post about the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning primer (20€)I couldn't resist to pick it up and test it myself. There's two versions of the Clarins primer, I ended up going for the self tanning option as it's apparently just the same as the original with added tanning benefits. The Instant Smooth Self Tanning Primer is suitable for all skin types and designed for use on the face and neck on a daily basis.

Personally I use this pretty much whenever I wear makeup which is not everyday but every other day mostly because my face is much paler than the rest of my body so I'm always in need of products that add a bit of colour in a natural-ish way. The product has a whipped cream-gel texture with a rather disgusting scent if I'm being honest, but I don't mind the scent because it's not noticeable once you've applied the product on your face. I use a blueberry sized amount and blend it into the skin after moisturising. The product itself looks a bit scary in the packaging but immediately melts into the skin giving my face a very natural bronzed glow and feels incredibly smooth and silky on the skin.

As for its priming benefits, I have noticed that my foundation glides on much easier and lasts all day without getting greasy or oily which is amazing since I have oily/combination skin. Although it is meant to be a "self tanning" primer I find that the bronze colour rubs off as soon as you take off your make-up so this just adds a bit of colour for the time you're wearing it underneath your foundation.


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