Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Winter Skin Savior

The battle with my skin continues but this time we're facing a whole new problem situation. I don't know about you, but the cold weather has made my skin incredibly dry, very unusual for my rather oily skin. So, I've been picking out some more hydrating products, this Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask by Una Brennan being one of them. 

I have tried a few Super Facialist products before, which were all brilliant, so I was super keen to use this mask. I usually apply a generous amount of product once or twice a week after cleansing my face. I leave it on for max. 10-20 minutes because I find 5 minutes are just not enough but that's just a personal preference. Rinsing it off with warm water or a flannel and my skin feels super soft and velvety.

The mask is gentle, very hydrating and smells gorgeous - it's a very strong scent though and you can definitely smell the rose in it . It immediately hydrates my skin, leaving it a lot smoother and more plump looking - what more could you ask for?


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  1. I love the photos you use for your blog posts! What camera and background do you use ?! 😍


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