Thursday, 22 January 2015

One To Try: La Roche Posay Serozinc

I had heard a lot about this toner on several blogs and so many people seemed to absolutely love this product. You know, I just can't resist the hype sometimes. Naturally, I had to pick up a bottle myself on my recent trip to France...

Serozinc is a zinc sulphate solution that aims to sooth the skin if you're suffering from redness, breakouts or inflamed skin. You can use a cotton pad or directly spray it on your face. It's packed full of wonderful and simple ingredients being water, sodium chloride and zinc sulfate. I have used zinc on my skin for so many years now, mostly in form of a cream or moisturizer so I already knew it works extremely well for my skin.

This spray releases a very fine mist and feels so refreshing after cleansing my skin. I mostly use this in the evenings before I go to bed and when my skin was really bad, it had cleared up so much by the next morning. Now, I wouldn't say you need to pay a crazy amount of money (£13 on ebay!) to get your hands on this toner/spray. I got this bottle for 2,50€ and I'm really not willing to pay any more for it. If you can't get hold of this spray near where you live (without spending a fortune on water with added zinc) I highly recommend trying out a zinc cream from your local drugstore or pharmacy. It works just as well!

Has anyone else tried this?


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