Friday, 13 February 2015

3 Things: What Makes Me Happy

Fresh Flowers
Fresh flowers always make me feel like everything is more put together and it's amazing how flowers can brighten up a room. I always have a nice little bouquet on my desk as I find them so relaxing to look at while adding so much charm to your place. Tulips and pink roses are my absolute favourite, they instantly put me in such a good mood and get me really excited for Summer aka. the best season of the year.

The Beach
There's something so incredibly beautiful and calming about the sea. I love how the sea makes the world seem so very big and mysterious in a way. Especially during the Summer, feeling that sunshine warm my face and body while lying on the beach with my feet in the sand, that's what I would call my happy place. Also, there is nothing like the sound of waves crashing. There's a quote that says "You are one step closer to heaven when you are at the beach" and this basically sums it up.

Lush Bubble Baths
I absolutely love taking baths and I particularly enjoy Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. For me, there's no brand like Lush and even a trip to the store, picking and choosing your favourite products is an experience I don't want to miss. All those different smells and colours make me so happy. While I'm in the bath I usually listen to my favourite music and light some candles and completely unwind for a while.

I'd love to know three things that make you happy!


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