Friday, 6 February 2015

Chunky Knits and Pinks: Beat The Winter Blues

A snowy, cold world can be beautiful, that's out of the question. Although, with the temperatures still set to drop I just want to lie in my warm, cozy bed all day. Winter and I have gotten along so well in the past but lately, my happy place involves sunshine, the seaside, a pair of huge sunglasses and evening walks, while the sun slowly sets over the water. I guess spending a few weeks in southern France at my cousins made me strongly consider moving to a warmer country. Maybe even leaving Europe? Anyways, its no use moaning about for now. 

Winter is still in force, or at least here where I live, piles of snow as far as the eye can reach. Now, what do I do to beat the Winter blues? Most importantly, by staying warm! I've been living in this Chunky Knit Dress the past few days. It's a really nice two toned, beautifully knitted dress with a roll neck. Another way to brighten my days is by painting my nails in a beautiful bright pink shade. I've been wearing Funny Face by Essie non-stop. Staying active is my biggest advice. Working out regularly really helps to lift my spirits, although I can't bring myself to go outside for a run, there's still Blogilates right?

I hope you liked today's post and let me know what you do to prevent yourself from losing your mind during these cold winter days! 


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  1. Omg, love your blog! Pics are just amazing!
    Anyway, I own Essie watermelon which is pretty similar to yours, and I'm obsessed!!
    Sara xx


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