Saturday, 13 February 2016

How I find Inspiration for Blog Posts

Coming up with content for your blog can be tough sometimes so today's post will come in handy to those who are currently experiencing a writers block or just need a little inspiration for your next blog post. The biggest challenge we're facing is keeping our content fresh and unique but over my three years of blogging I’ve found a few resources that have helped me plan out my blog posts and give me inspiration to create more and more content.

My absolute favourite thing to do when I find myself stuck in a blogging rut is to read books and since I blog about all things Fashion and Beauty I make sure that I read something that fits into my niche. There are so many amazing beauty and style books on the market and they really do help you to get inspiration. Some of my favourite books are Women in this town, Face Paint or The Glam Guide.
If you want to find out what everybody's talking about on social media, it's probably best to keep an eye on Trending Topics. You can always take note of topics that are trending on Twitter or on other social media to write some amazing blog posts. You could also use Twitter Lists to follow industry leaders or other bloggers in your niche.  

Brainstorming for your blog is so important and it has become a regular part of my blogging routine. I usually write down every category from Fashion and Style to Beauty or HOW TO's that I want to cover in my upcoming posts and then I decide on my post titles and what I want to write about. I think it's fine to be inspired by other people's work but never copy. Don't feel down when you see something you wish you had created or thought of first and try to come up with your own ideas and topics instead. 

Blogging is all about knowing your audience so always remember who you're writing for and listen to what your audience wants to see. When you don’t know who your audience is, your blog posts become generic and you basically end up speaking to no one. I think it's important to start by picking a niche, and it is within that niche that you find your target readers.

I am forever buying new notebooks and planners because I find it essential to plan out my posts in advance so I always make sure that I write every single idea and inspiration down. There are so many cute planners and notebooks for bloggers on the market and I highly, highly recommend making use of those. It's the perfect way to keep your day to day tasks and your content organised. Also, if there is one thing we all have in common - it is the love for pretty stationary and notebooks am I right?

I hope you guys find this post helpful and let me know in the comments what you do to find inspiration for your blog and content.

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