Sunday, 21 February 2016

How To Make A Media Kit

Think of your media kit as your very own resume - it's essentially a document that highlights the key facts and statistics about your blog. For bloggers, a Media Kit is very important if you want to monetize your content. Media Kits are an amazing way to highlight your work, your accomplishments and your offerings to potential advertisers or brands that you want to collaborate with. It lets them know all about your blog, your audience, the topics your write about and how many views and followers you have. Not only does it make you look professional, but it also shows a potential partner why they should work with you. So, if you want to collaborate with a brand, you should definitely have a media kit ready to send. Most brand will ask for your Media Kit because it’s easier for them to determine whether they should work with you or not.


You should always include a brief introduction because marketers will most likely want to know more about the person behind the blog reaching out to them. Some of the details you could include in your bio are what kind of topics you write about, how old your blog is and any information that might appeal to them, for example if you've been nominated for a blogging award or a mention in a magazine? 

Brands and businesses will always want to know what they can expect from working with you. I've said this before, don't make the mistake of thinking you have to chase big traffic numbers or a large following to be a successful blogger, in fact, sometimes statistics don't say anything at all, but they do give some indication about the size of your audience and reach. You should include monthly page views as well as unique visitors and your social media statistics.

Media Kits typically list collaboration options such as product reviews, sponsored posts or giveaways, and prices for the services you have to offer. You don't have to include price lists but it's really helpful for businesses so they can see which ones fit their budget. You also don’t have to include all options in your services, just include the most important ones and what you’re interested in doing.

If you already have collaborated with brands or businesses in the past, definitely let them know about it in your Media Kit! I made a section in my Media Kit where I shared the brand logos or you could also just list them. This is by no means bragging it's just a nice way to show brands that you have experience and will give them an idea of what to expect if they work with you.

To make your Media Kit a little bit more personal and more visually appealing I highly recommend breaking up the lot of boring text using some of your own images. Ideally, you could include photos from previous brand collaborations or just some of your best photography from previous blog posts. Also, don’t forget to include a photo of yourself and for that I highly recommend using a professional-looking headshot. Nothing too serious just a nice, clear photo of yourself rather than a sexy Instagram selfie ;)

Last but not least, wrap up your Media Kit with ways to reach out to you!

As always, thank you guys so much for reading and I hope this post was helpful to some of you!


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