Wednesday, 17 February 2016

My Blogging Equipment


There is a huge focus on creating visual content for your blog and it's true - a picture speaks 1000 words. My passion definitely lies in photography. I think that creating beautiful visuals will always help your blog stand out amongst other blogs and to me, a good camera is a must-have when it comes to my blog. My first DSLR Camera was the Canon 600D, which is such an amazing camera for beginners. I then decided to upgrade to the Canon 70D which to me, is the perfect camera if you want to take high quality photos. The sensors deliver an excellent autofocus performance and the camera itself is quite fast. I also love that you can connect the camera with your phone using the EOS Remote App.

I've been using the E-PL7 for a few months now and I absolutely love it. This is honestly the most blogger-friendly camera ever - I always find myself reaching for it when I'm on holiday or just running around town as it’s so small and light compared to my Canon and takes incredible photos too. A few things that I love about this camera is that you can change lenses, it has a brilliant Wifi function which allows you to transfer photos direct to your phone (hi Instagram) and it also has a touch screen to focus and take photos.


My camera (Canon 70D) came with a kit lens and the first lens I invested in was the Sigma 30mm f1.4 and this was on recommendation of so many other bloggers. The main reason why I decided to get this lens was because I wanted something that gives a nice depth of field. This lens was definitely an investment but I’m incredibly happy with it and it's the lens I take almost all my photos with.

When it comes to SD cards I highly recommend having a 32 GB as you can store so much on this size and they're not too expensive. I have a 16GB and a 32GB for my cameras. As for my tripod, I use this basic Tripod that I got from Amazon. It's very lightweight and does the job really.

This is such a helpful little tool, especially when you don't have someone around to help you focus or take your outfit photos for you. I mostly use it for said outfit shots and also during filming makeup tutorials. I have honestly no idea what I would do without it, a remote is definitely a necessity.

Ah, blogging in the wintertime - what a joy. When I first started blogging I used to get so annoyed when I came back from school and I literally had 20 minutes left to take photos before the darkness of the evening strikes, at 5PM! I then decided to invest in a ring light and I'm so so happy with it. I use it on gloomy, rainy days but I always try to make use of natural light whenever I can. To edit my photos I use Photoshop - always have, always will. It literally turns any 'meh' picture into a masterpiece and I love that you can correct small photography mistakes. Photoshop is very user friendly and has some awesome features.

A great backdrop adds character to any photo. I've tried out quite a few different backgrounds over the past few years but I mostly use vinyl backdrops or contact paper. They're available in so many different colours and textures but my favourite is obviously marble. I also love the look of natural, rustic backgrounds for photos. You could easily get vinyl backdrops that have the look of wood boards printed on them but I like to use real wooden floor boards for my photos.


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