Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Top 3 High End Brands

Who doesn't like to splurge every now and then? I sure know I do like to spend my money on high end beauty products sometimes, especially when it comes to foundation, eye shadow palettes and lipsticks. There's something so satisfying about stopping by Sephora, Breuninger or Douglas and leaving with a full bag of new goodies. The world of high end brands can be quite overwhelming though so I thought I would share my top 3 brands and what products I would recommend buying from them.

Urban Decay is my go-to brand when it comes to eye shadow palettes, it's just one of those brands that clicks with me. Their Naked Palettes are a staple in every beauty junkies makeup collection and the quality of their products is incredibly good. I think they offer so much variance in their products and they also focus on the latest beauty trends which I love. Urban Decay is known for making good quality products so every time they launch a new product, there's a high chance that I'm gonna love it. Their recent collaboration with Gwen Stefani is just utterly gorgeous - everything from the sleek packaging to the actual product is perfect. I also think that Urban Decay have some of the best eye primers out there. What is not to love about this brand?


I cannot wait for NARS to finally launch in Germany. I usually get their products when I'm in France so I always like to stock up when I get the chance to go to Sephora. Whether it's bronzer, highlighter or blusher you're looking for, NARS always have something awesome up their sleeve. Their Laguna Bronzer is the perfect bronzer for my skin tone to date and just a classic. For their blushes, I love Deep Throat and Sin. Orgasm is also a very beautiful shade but I need to be a bit more tan to wear it. The texture of their blushes and bronzers is incredibly smooth and very pigmented and I find that they last on the skin a really long time even without a primer. Of course, the products are pricey but I truly believe you get what you're paying for.



I believe Clinique is a brand that is mostly known for their skincare products but they actually have a very large range of products including skincare, makeup and body products. It took me quite a while to try out their makeup products but I'm so in love with them now. One of the first products that I tried were the Clinique Chubby Sticks for lips and eyes followed by their Pop Lip Colors. These lipsticks have the best formula I ever tried, they're incredibly creamy and don't dry out my lips at all. Another product that I love are the Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes. They only recently launched in Germany but I know they've been out for a while now in the UK and US. I really like the simple, clear packaging of their products and I think they make some of the best formulas.


What are your favourite high end brands?

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