Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Why Primers Are Worth The Extra Step

I got quite a few questions about primers in the past from friends who are not that into makeup and the main questions were, do they really work? What do they do? When I thought about it, I realized that whenever I do wear foundation I always put on primer first without even thinking about it. It has become a major step in my makeup routine and today, I'm going to tell you why I think that primers are worth the extra step.

I feel like primers are that beauty product that you either love or don't see any need for. I personally think that if you haven't tried out using makeup primers, you're missing out big time. Especially if you have oily or combination skin, primers can be a real life saver. Essentially, what primers do is to create a smooth surface that's ready to put on makeup. When I wear primers, I always notice a difference in the way my base products apply and wear throughout the day. Same applies to eye shadow! There are so many different primers on the market with textures to blur pores, add illumination, increase hydration or to colour correct - there's a primer for literally everything.

This is an amazing product that can noticeably blur out my pores. I sometimes use it on it's own and apply a tiny bit on my t-zone area and I'm basically good to go. I find that it helps my foundation to stay on my face without getting too greasy. It does feel quite thick at first but once it's applied all over my face it feels weightless and perfects the skin with only the smallest amount. I use this primer whenever my skin gets extra oily and it balances the complexion making it the perfect canvas for anything you might apply over the top.

Makeup Forever is one of my favourite, if not the one, brand that I always reach for when it comes to base products. When Makeup Forever introduced their new primers I was instantly drawn to the one with hydrating benefits. This hydrating primer is designed to moisturize dehydrated skin to create a nice and plump surface for makeup. It's got a very creamy but lightweight texture that sinks into the skin immediately. I find that my foundation and concealer go on so smooth and don't cling to any dry patches that I have around my nose and forehead area.

My skin can often look incredibly dull so I want something that gives me a nice glow and really illuminates my skin. The Bioderma Perfecteur is absolutely perfect for that. It keeps my skin looking so fresh and healthy throughout the day. It lightly conceals fine lines and pores and adds an instant radiance to the skin. The texture feels very velvety, leaving my skin smooth, plump and radiant. This primer might not increase the wear time of my foundation but in combination with a more natural base it leaves my skin looking incredibly healthy and fresh.

What are your thoughts on primers?

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