Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Top Apps For Bloggers

Today I want to share some of my favourite apps that I use daily to keep me organized. Most of them I use for promoting my blog, to check my stats and page views or just to keep up with my ideas and to do lists. Over the past few months I've begun to look for apps that could help me with organization and productivity and there really are some awesome applications that will help you keep focused, especially for bloggers.

Google Analytics has its own app and it's super handy because you have access to all of your analytics data from your mobile device. I check my analytics all the time and I actually think that viewing them on the app instead of the full screen makes everything super easy and manageable. You can focus on single components really well and I highly recommend Google Analytics for anyone who blogs.

This is my favourite app when it comes to planning and productivity. It's basically a simple to do list and task manager that helps you get things done. You can make different folders like blog posts ideas, to do lists, shopping lists etc and it keeps all your thought and ideas organized in one place. I absolutely love using notebooks to write down ideas but when I'm on the go I prefer this app.

I use Latergramme to schedule and manage my Instagram posts. I constantly take pictures on my phone for Instagram but I don't necessarily want to post them all at the same time and that's were this app comes in handy. This is such a great time saver because you can upload your photos, add a description and get alerts when it’s time to post so that you can manually login and post to Instagram. Super easy and helpful!

Speaking of scheduling and managing social media posts. Buffer is the app I use to schedule most of my tweets. It's super easy to set up and use and I like that you can use it on your phone as well as computer. You can also post and schedule to Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Which apps do you use to keep organized?


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