Wednesday, 18 May 2016

5 Ways To Grow Your Instagram

I know that there are mixed opinions on this, but I think that having a theme is extremely important and definitely something to consider when you're thinking about growing your account. Now, my theme is by no means perfect, and it doesn't have to be, but I have been working on being more thoughtful about what I post. To create a consistent feed, you need to view your Instagram as a whole. My go-to apps to edit my Instagram photos are Afterlight, VSCO and Facetune. In my opinion, VSCO is the best free app you could possibly want to pimp up your feed. The filters are varied and you can create some really stunning effects with it. You also get the basic editing options like brighten, sharpen and colour controlling. I like that you can prearrange your feed and preselect your favourite filters and have them at the front. That makes it super easy to keep up with a consistent colour scheme.

Hashtags are a great way to find new Instagram Accounts and they're also amazing for gaining new followers as they are typically used by like-minded people. I use hashtags that apply to my content and if new people find my feed through a certain hashtag, say #beautyblogger, they are most likely to follow to keep up with my future content. I typically use a handful of relevant hashtags, some of them that are currently trending and some of them I use almost every time I share a new photo.  If you're not sure which hashtags to use on your photo, there are a few questions that you should consider first. What products or brands are in the photo? What is the overall theme of the photo? Who should see this photo?

Whenever I post a new photo, I always make sure that I'm tagging brands or people in the photo. Doing that can be extremely beneficial for your account. This will allow other people looking at tagged photos of that specific account to find you and you might even get noticed by your favourite brand. If they like your picture, this can sometimes even lead to them giving you a shoutout on their page by re-posting your photo. Recently Bioderma liked and re-posted one of my photos that I had tagged them in and I got a few new followers that way. Tagging people in your photos is such an easy way to get noticed.

So many people scroll through Instagram without liking and commenting, even though they might love the photo they're seeing. Everyone loves getting likes and comments, so why not be the person who shares the love? I always try to leave a nice comment and like every photo when I'm scrolling through my feed in the morning. By commenting I definitely don't mean those annoying "follow4follow" or "check out my account" comments, I mean genuine, engaging, lovely comments that will put a smile on someone else's face. People are most likely to remember and check out your account that way. I also think that it's important to reply to the comments you're getting on your photos as well.

Sharing your Instagram account and photos on other social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook can really help you get noticed and increase your number of followers. Instagram makes sharing content super easy, I usually share my photos on Twitter and Pinterest and you can easily connect your accounts in your profile settings.
I hope you guys found this post helpful and let me know your Instagram Accounts in the comments!

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