Monday, 29 August 2016

KathleenLights X ColourPop


Guys I finally did it! I placed my first ColourPop order a few weeks ago and I'm really excited to share with you what I bought. I first heard about the brand through Kathleen Fuentes videos and ever since she did a collaboration with them, I wanted to get my hands on their products so badly! ColourPop is a really affordable makeup brand and they're finally shipping internationally. (I've literally been waiting forever for this) In today's post, I'll only focus on the products that were created in collaboration with Kathleen but I will also share a review of the other products that I got very soon! So, I hope you guys are enjoying this post and let me know what your favourite ColourPop products are!

ColourPop Where The Light Is Palette $20
This is probably the most beautiful eyeshadow quad I've ever laid my eyes on. This palette was created by Beauty Vlogger Kathleen Fuentes and I believe this was one of the first collaborations she did with ColourPop. This palette includes four stunningly beautiful eyeshadows Glow, KathleenLights, Blaze and Cornelious. I also got an eyeshadow from her other palette Where The Night Is but I only went with the colour Weenie, because it was just too beautiful not to buy! (I love how she named some of the colours after her dogs) All eyeshadows from these palettes are also available individually, which is amazing! The pigmentation of these eyeshadows is incredibly smooth and easy to blend.

I absolutely love the formula of this lipstick, it's a matte finish but it doesn't feel drying on the lips at all. It's this gorgeously creamy dusky mauve colour, that would look amazing on literally anyone. She wanted to create a colour that both bold and shy people could wear and I think she definitely hit the nail on the head with this colour. I found that it lasts really well on my lips and it's so comfortable to wear.

(from left to right: Weenie, KathleenLights, Blaze, Cornelious, Glow)

Overall, I'm really happy with everything that I bought and I highly recommend checking out their products, especially their lippie stix and eyeshadows. The shipping costs are currently $25 and the parcel took around 3 weeks to arrive. ColourPop also give you $5 off your order for signing up to their newsletter, so don't forget to do that too.

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