Monday, 24 October 2016

Jo & Judy | Stationery Love

This is an advertorial in collaboration with Jo & Judy.

New stationery is something that's always guaranteed to get me excited. There is no better feeling that opening the first page of a brand new notebook and write in it for the first time. As a blogger, I'm constantly writing ideas in my notebooks, making to-do lists and scheduling my blog posts, so workbooks are definitely an essential for my everyday life. Today I want to talk about a brand that totally stole my heart when it comes to cute stationery and I'm sure you've probably all heard of them before on various social media accounts.

Jo & Judy is a young design brand from Germany specializing in useful and stylish products for the ambitious. They offer a wide range of beautifully designed stationery including workbooks, calendars, notebooks, postcards and other useful little tools. They currently have two collections, the Pink Collection and Dark Blue Collection. I honestly can't decide which one I prefer because they are both utterly beautiful.

There are a few stationery staples every blogger needs and the most important one in my opinion are workbooks. I was lucky enough to pick one of their gorgeous workbooks and I chose one from their dark blue collection. I think the dark blue leather cover and the copper foil stamping looks absolutely stunning and very chic. I also love the quote "This is the beginning of anything you want" on the cover. This is their first A4 workbook and perfect for anyone who needs lots of space for dates, to-do lists or projects. I really love how each page is designed as it gives you a perfect overview and makes scheduling a lot easier. I also much prefer the spiral bound because that way the notebook stays open and doesn't close right away. The last few pages in the back are lined for personal notes or sketches which I love.

Jo & Judy also very kindly sent me three of their wonderful postcards and three copper paperclips. I haven't decided yet where I want to put them but the postcards would look so cute in a frame hung up on the wall or on your work desk. The quotes on each card are a perfect motivational reminder and again, I love the combination of the dark blue and copper foil stamping. I'm also obsessed with these geometrically shaped paperclips. They are just really handy to have and a stylish addition to your workspace. I like to use them as a bookmark or to hold any important papers together.

If you haven't already, I highly recommend checking out Jo & Judy. Don't forget to catch up with their latest posts on Facebook and Instagram too!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know in the comments what your favourite stationery brands are!

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