Thursday, 9 February 2017

5 Zoeva Brushes You Have To Try

Zoeva is known for their high quality, professional makeup brushes and today I have some exciting news for all of you who love these brushes just as much as I do. Zoeva are expanding their brush range this year and have released five new incredible makeup brushes last month and they are as perfect and soft as ever. There is the 113 Fluid Arc, 117 Petit Defined Buffer, 135 Petit Face Definer, 137 Petit Fan and 331 Precision Lip. I've been using these brushes over the past few weeks and I'm already obsessed with all of them.

113 Fluid Arc*: I was super excited to try this brush because of its interesting shape. This brush has an arched shape and is made of soft synthetic hair. It adjusts perfectly to any facial shape and is the perfect little tool to use with liquid and cream contour products. This brush blends the product seamlessly and leaves a very soft, natural contour.

117 Petit Defined Buffer*: This brush has an extra small, angled brush head and is amazing for precise application of liquid foundation or concealer. The compact shape allows a smooth and super natural looking finish.

135 Petit Face Definer*: This is my new favourite brush guys. It's literally the perfect brush for applying concealer under the eyes and for setting loose powder around the eye area. I love the tapered shape and compact size of this brush, it's equipped with super soft, pure synthetic hair making it incredibly soft and easy to use.

137 Petit Fan*: Another brush that I was super excited to try because this is such a great multitasking brush. Thanks to its fan shape and soft synthetic hair the brush is perfect for applying highlighter along the brow bone and Cupid’s bow as well as the separation of eyelashes and easy removal of excess mascara.

331 Precision Lip*: This is actually the first lip brush I have ever owned and I'm super happy that I finally do. Its got a flat, square shape that makes the application of lipstick and liquid formulas super easy. Thanks to its straight, pure synthetic hair, the tiny brush blends all lip products with ease and creates precise definition.

What do you guys think, will you pick up any of these new brushes?

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