Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The Happiness Boutique - Everyday Fine Jewellery

This is an advertorial in collaboration with Happiness Boutique.

Jewellery is the final touch to any outfit and my favourite fashion statement. I absolutely adore the collection I've build up over the past few years and I love how each piece has a special memory or story.  The Happiness Boutique is an online shop based in Berlin, offering a wide range of stunning jewellery pieces. They work closely with a range of creative designers and suppliers from all over to world and always stay up to date with current trends to bring the best pieces to their collections. The people behind The Happiness Boutique strive to make their online shop a source of inspiration for positive and authentic women and build a happy and soulful brand altogether. I think this is such a beautiful and very inspirational message. Additionally, they are offering free shipping and you can also join their special Reward Program to receive a gift of your choice for free. Also, make sure you read until the end as there is a 10% off discount code waiting there for you.

I usually opt for very delicate jewellery with specific shapes. Circles are usually my favourite as you can probably tell from the pieces I've picked out. Earrings are actually my most worn piece of jewellery besides my watches. They can complete a look nicely and add that perfect finishing touch. That's why the Minimalistic Double Circle Earrings are perfect for me. They feature a long bar and two open circles attached to it. It's such a beautiful, eye-catching design. I also think that this specific style would suit those with short hair as well as long hair.

I also got sent their amazing Happiness Circle Necklace consisting of a gold chain and five flat, golden circular pendants spaced along the front. I've wanted a necklace like this one for such a long time because it is versatile enough to wear daily, but still makes a beautiful statement. It is also a great piece for layering with other thin necklaces. The Happiness Boutique are kindly offering a 10% discount for you on all orders over 19€ and it is valid until February 17th. Code: anacelinelabod

Which is your favourite piece?

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