Thursday, 15 February 2018

My White Secret: Natural Teeth Whitening At Home

This is an advertorial in collaboration with My White Secret.

If you follow me over on Instagram, you will have seen that I have been testing the My White Secret teeth whitening products over the last couple of weeks and you guys seemed to be really interested to find out more about these products. For anyone not familiar with this brand, My White Secret are providing only natural teeth whitening products using ingredients like activated charcoal or coconut oil. I got to try one of their amazing kits which contains 14 teeth whitening strips and 14 activated charcoal oil pulling sachets. The pretty pastel blue and rose gold design instantly caught my attention, isn't this the most amazing packaging for a teeth whitening product?

I have tried many different teeth whitening methods in the past but hands down my favourite is oil pulling. That's why I was most excited to try these activated charcoal and coconut oil sachets. You'll find fourteen pastel blue sachets which combine black charcoal and coconut oil with a nice peppermint flavour. This combination naturally whitens your teeth while detoxing your mouth. Additionally fights plaque build up, gum disease, cleanses your teeth and reduces tooth cavities. Simply rip and squeeze the sachets into your mouth and swirl the oil around for 15 minutes daily. After two weeks of using this method, my teeth became a lot brighter and whiter.

Also included in this kit are these natural teeth whitening strips which promise to give you a visibly whiter smile in only two weeks. The natural non-peroxide formula gently absorbs into your teeth's enamel to remove stains in a safe and effective way. They stick to your teeth nicely without falling off and you're supposed to leave them in for 30 minutes daily. What I absolutely love about these strips and oil pulling sachets is that they didn't make my teeth sensitive in the slightest like other teeth whitening products do. I am incredibly pleased with the results and I would highly recommend giving these products a try if you want to naturally whiten your teeth at home.


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