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My Clarins: The Vegan Friendly Skin Treat

This is an advertorial in collaboration with Clarins.
True to the motto, "nature knows it best" Clarins have developed a new skincare range for healthy-looking skin using ingredients of natural origin and vegan-friendly formulas free of sulfates and parabens. I was incredibly excited when I received these products in the mail a couple of weeks ago and have been using them religiously ever since. I think it's amazing that brands like Clarins strive to have a positive impact on our environment by creating products that are not only good for our skin but also for the planet. All boxes are made of cardboard derived from sustainably-managed forests while the packaging is also made of 25% recycled glass and 25% recycled plastic. My Clarins introduce nine new products covering everything you need for a fresh and healthy-looking complexion. Read on to find out more.

RE-MOVE micellar cleansing milk.
This innovative product is a hybrid between a micellar water and a cleansing milk and removes makeup, oil and impurities like a dream. You essentially get the best of both worlds with this product, it is mild enough for sensitive skin but extremely powerful at removing makeup with its micellar technology. The formula contains a refreshing cocktail of pullution-fighting and hydrating ingredients with a lovely almond scent.

RE-MOVE purifying cleansing gel.
Sticking to cleansers, Clarins also introduce a fresh and floral cleansing gel that transforms into a silky lather once you mix it with water. This frosted blue gel cleanser is perfect for double cleanse and really gets rid of any excess oils and makeup residues. I like that the formula doesn't dry out my skin like most gel cleansers do, instead helps to protect the skin from the drying effects of hard water.

RE-FRESH hydrating beauty mist.
The next step in my skincare routine after cleansing is applying a hydrating facial mist. That's why I was so excited to find out that My Clarins included this floral beauty water in the range. The formula contains a wonderful cocktail of softening and hydrating ingredients, comprised with organic coconut water and Alpenrose extract to flush out toxins and pollutants. I like that this mist doesn't contain any alcohol, they even say it's gentle enough to spritz over your eyes.

PORE-LESS blur and matte stick.
Another super innovative product is this little pink, oil-absorbing stick, which is just perfect for my oily skin. The formula contains matifying Organic Strawberry Tree Fruit extract that blurs pores and takes down shine for a visibly smooth complexion. This stick glides over the skin with a clear finish and has a sweet, cotton candy scent to it. It's such a handy little product to keep in your hand bag for any touch-ups throughout the day.

RE-CHARGE relaxing sleep mask.
Lately I've been really into overnight skin treatments as they do a great job at protecting and nourishing the skin while you sleep. This herbal overnight mask recharges your skin's batteries and you will wake up with the most radiant and refreshed-looking skin by morning. It has a lovely cream-gel formula, that feels super comfortable on the skin with a slight fragrance with notes of Jasmine.

Will you pick up anything from My Clarins?


  1. Aaw ich liebe deine Artikel immer liebe Ana! Diese Skincare-Routine klingt klasse – und das sie vegan ist, macht sie gleich noch viel besser. :)
    xx, Carmen -

  2. Saw this post because I love coconut water :) Your blog is so cute!

  3. omg the packgeting is everything!! loveeee this! i need to try


  4. I actually haven't heard of these before

    Candice x

  5. such a nice range! i love the cleansing milk too !

  6. aw danke liebe Carmen! Das freut mich zu hören xx

  7. They just launched these products last month xx

  8. I'm really looking forward to trying this range, the branding is so cute xx

  9. These are just so cute! I really like that they're vegan and more naturally focussed. Will keep an eye out for them in the shops!

  10. These are so cute!! Love the packaging on them. The pore stick sounds intriguing, def have to check it out!

  11. I haven't seen these before, but I might have to look into them a little more!

    Danielle xx

  12. I'm definitely interested in the mist and the sleep mask! They look lovely!

    Deanna |

  13. I love the packaging too! The pore stick is so good xx

  14. They're quite new, but they should be available in stores soon xx

  15. The mist feels so nice and refreshing on the skin xx

  16. This is such a great guide dear! I love facial mist, they feel so good and refreshing.

    Jessica |

  17. Definitely intrigued by this new range! A milky micellar cleanser sounds lovely :)

    Jasmine xx

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