Monday, 30 September 2019

Hydration for Every Skin Type with Biotherm

This is an advertorial in collaboration with Biotherm.

If you ask me, I think moisturising the skin is the most important step in any skincare routine. And that comes from someone who's had oily skin for all her life. I used to completely leave out moisturiser and only work with drying cleaners, completely stripping my skin from its natural oils, leaving me with the most dehydrated skin. The result? Skin that itches like crazy, impurities get even worse and the overall complexion appears dull and flaky. Luckily, I have now found a skincare routine that's better suited for my skin type and trust me on this, I will never skip moisturiser ever again! Biotherm have recently launched three new moisturising essences, the Aqua Super Concentrates Pure, Glow and Bounce: each targeting a different skin type's specific needs, offering intense hydration. Read on to find out more!

First of all, can we talk about this pretty packaging? I absolutely adore the design of these bottles. They look so beautiful next to each other in my bathroom cabinet. I also love that each concentrate comes with a pump as it's more hygienic and makes it easier to dispense the right amount of product. You could either use these on their own or combine them: For brighter skin, apply Aqua Glow all over your face, to regain firm and dense skin, apply Aqua Bounce on the cheeks and Aqua Pure on the t-zone.


The Aqua Pure Super Concentrate is a multifunctional gel that helps to reduce the appearance of pores, reduces shine and gives your skin a matte, fresh and clean feeling. I love this moisturiser during summer when my skin tends to get a little extra oily as the Salicylic Acid enriched formula helps to fight against imperfections and sebum excess for a matified complexion. This moisturising gel is formulated based on the Life Plankton Concentrate, the unique ingredient of Biotherm. The formula feels really fresh, hydrating and sinks into the skin quite quickly. The pores appear tightened and excess sebum is definitely more controlled.


If you're after that beautiful healthy glow the Biotherm Aqua Glow Super Concentrate might just be the one for you. This concentrate works as a serum, moisturiser and primer all in one and helps to even out the skin tone while adding a stunning healthy glow on your face. The gel formula is enriched in Vitamin C which improves the radiance of the skin while reducing uneven skin tone for a brighter complexion. I find that my skin looks more luminous after every use.


The Biotherm Aqua Bounce Super Concentrate is designed to give a fuller, smoother feeling to your skin while also making it softer. The formula contains Hyaluronic Acid which acts on the lack of bounce and boosts the cell energy to improve the suppleness of your skin. Hyaluronic acid is an ingredients I have implemented into my everyday skincare routine for years now as it helps to make your skin feel softened, plump and most importantly: hydrated!

 Have you tried these concentrates before? Which one is your favourite?


  1. They all look amazing! Definitely gonna try them. Thanks for sharing.
    Adi xx |

  2. these look so amazing! i definitely have to try these out - i'm always looking for more hydration aha
    xx jen

  3. I haven't tried these products before, but defo wouldn't mind at all. Looks so good!

  4. Me too, I really love using them xx

  5. These looks lovely. I'd love to try these.

    Jessica |

  6. I haven't heard of this brand but I am always so drawn to skincare products that either have "aqua" or "hydra" in their tittles. I just trust that they'll be super hydrating for the skin. I definitely will be looking into these.

  7. I love the packaging of these and they all sound gorgeous. I want to try every single one. I have never tried concentrates before, I think Pure sounds like the best fit for my skin type. great post. Thank you for sharing xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  8. Love the packaging! Haven't heard of them before but definitely it looks interesting

  9. These look good! Gotta try!

  10. The packaging is so cute! Pure is my favourite xx

  11. haha me too! I absolutely love these xx


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